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Here is my review of Wix

Wix is awesome - a fantastic option if you want to build a beautiful website and have no interest in HTML. I am a technological clog, and I use Wix. I personally designed this website, as well my others - and I did it myself by watching You-Tube videos. It did take time to learn everything. There were times when I wanted to just walk away, but I am glad I stuck with it.

You can play around in Wix and design a site without charge. Payment comes when you want to connect to a plan. They will give you a Wix owned domain for free too, but I recommend getting your own domain and plan because it looks more professional. It's yours and gives you control.

Wix integrates well with Google Analytics, email marketing, Facebook and other social media. For email marketing you can use Wix's own solution or integrate with others such as Aweber. I personally use Wix's own apps where available.  

They have a nice collection of free photos that you can use on your site.

They now have the ability to create a membership area and process payments. 

They have great customer service. Very responsive. Their help menu also is truly very helpful. Easy-to-understand instructions. 


I like to give two sides to a story. There are some drawbacks. For example. one of my sites is a recipe bog, and there is no ability to put a "print button" inside of a blog post. My recipes cannot be printed from my site. Big problem because people like to print recipes! All in all, though, I am very happy with Wix. I have no interest in HTML. 

Also, due to Wordpress' popularity, people in the online marketing community, as well as book authors, often speak in terms of Wordpress plug-ins. I once went to a bloggers conference only to return with a list of "ideas" that were actually Wordpress "plug-ins" that I couldn't use in Wix. However, Wix had an alternative for most. I once tried to use Wordpress but couldn't pass the HTML. It is definitely not for me!

All things considered, I love Wix. It is the perfect hosting solution for me. I can design beautiful sites myself, without relying on a contractor. It is simple, once past the learning curve, and gives me control.

If you would like to learn more about Wix, click the icon below. You can play around and design a site without charge to see if it is right for you. 


Wix Symbol.png
Wix Symbol.png

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